Company Policies

Establishing a Veterinary Client Patient Relationship

A Veterinary Client Patient Relationship (VCPR) is a relationship between a veterinarian and a client where the basis of interaction and trust is established and is critical to the overall health and wellness of the animal. A VCPR is formed during normal business hours with routine wellness and care visits. Routine appointments include annual immunizations, dentals, chiropractic, herd walk throughs, and wellness exams. Established clients earn the privilege of being seen for emergency cases. Non-established clients and patients will be seen on a case-by-case basis. This policy allows our doctors to provide the best care to our routine patients by creating a trusted relationship for future emergencies.

To read more about VCPRs, please visit the American Veterinary Medical Association’s website.

Company and Financial Policies

At Arizona Mobile Veterinary Practice, we are proud to serve you and your animals and appreciate the trust that you place in our company. We are a local small business serving our community and do not receive financial support from charitable organizations or from the government. Our profits are derived solely from the payments made by our clients for products and services rendered. Therefore prompt payment assures maintenance of our well-equipped and well-stocked trucks and surgery trailer for the gold standard care we want to provide for your animals.

Due to the fact that prompt payment must be insured for us to provide this quality care, and maintain our affordable rates, the  following financial policies are mandatory:

  • Accepted forms of payment: Credit card, cash, check, or Care Credit 
  • ALL SERVICES MUST BE PAID AT THE TIME PROVIDED. All professional service fees and prescriptions must be paid in  full at the time of the end of the appointment. 
  • All prescription and over the counter (OTC) items must be paid for at the time of service. Medications will not be  dispensed without full payment of the product and services rendered. This policy also includes refills on prescribed  medications and OTC products and full payment must be received before a refill is dispensed. 
  • No additional services or medications will be administered or distributed to any account with an outstanding  balance. If a balance exists on an account all prior fees MUST be paid before additional services will be provided. Medical  records are the property of Arizona Mobile Veterinary Practice, we reserve the right to withhold release of medical records  until all outstanding balances are paid in full. 
  • If in the event of an outstanding balance, late fees will be incurred after 30 days from the original service date. This  monthly late fee charge will be applied every 30 days until the account balance is paid in full. This policy is in place to cover  the costs of the billing procedure.  
  • Non-refundable deposits will be required for same day appointments, emergency calls, or for any non-clients/calls  outside of our normal service area. This deposit fee is dependent on the service requested and will need to be paid in full  before services are rendered. Non-clients are those without an established VCPR with the company or an expired VCPR
  • A cancellation fee of $80 will be incurred for appointment cancellations with less than 24 hours notice. If there is zero  notice given and the appointment cancellation is made with our team on your property, the call fee and cancellation fee will  both be charged to your account.

Working with All Budgets:

We understand that not every family has the same means to pay all the time but unfortunately we cannot keep our business open by offering free services due to lack of payment. In order to keep our fees reasonably priced, it is highly important that each client pays for their products and services on time. If you have any financial concerns regarding an estimate or invoice, please let us know. Our doctors are happy to see your animal in order to perform a physical exam at our standard rates, create different treatment plans, and go over pricing before further services are provided. If you are unable to afford a treatment plan, we will do our best to work with your budget to still provide your animal with quality care. Though it may not be the best option, some treatment is often better than not treating at all. Please if you have any financial concerns or constraints be upfront with us and notify staff or veterinarian before treatments are performed. Not paying for product and/or services rendered is a criminal act.

We Prosecute for Theft of Service

In the event services are rendered and not paid in full at the time, or satisfactory arrangements are not made and honored to resolve outstanding balances, we do reserve the right to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law for theft of service, as described by Arizona State Law § 13-1802 Subsection G.

Care Credit Accepted

AZMVP accepts Care Credit as a form of payment. Care Credit a is financial payment service specifically for veterinary services. Through this program, you may pay your bill in smaller increments over 6 months at 0% interest rate. Same day approval is available and it takes just 5 minutes to apply. We recommend applying before your appointment so there is no lapse in your bill payment. Click here to learn more:

Our clinic’s page on the Care Credit website can be found here.